America's Cup 2007
America's Cup 2007 - Valencia City

The Host City of the 32nd America's Cup is Valencia, located on Spain’s Mediterranean coastline. Its excellent sailing conditions, the creation of a base exclusively for the event, its great marine tradition and the enormous organisational capacity of such a dynamic city have all contributed to the choice of Valencia as the perfect place to hold the first America’s Cup ever to be held in Europe.

For the organisers, one of the most important criteria for choosing the host city was stable and reliable weather conditions. Valencia, therefore, was an ideal choice, given its regular thermal breezes: on good days, the Southeast wind rises towards the end of the morning and continues to be stable throughout the afternoon. You can almost set your watch by it, which is why Valencia has sometimes been called the "Mediterranean Fremantle" (but not quite as windy!). The thermal breeze is regular in the summer months and the statistics show that there are good sailing conditions on 90% of the days.

The Mediterranean coast’s excellent weather is not Valencia's only asset. It is the capital of the Valencia Region and one of Europe’s fastest growing cities. It is a historical, dynamic, modern and enterprising city where the America’s Cup family, the Challenger’s bases and the public and fans will enjoy the benefits of a special village created specifically for them.

The two race areas are located less than 30 minutes from the base and the races will be held crowd-pleasingly close to the coast.

America's Cup 2007